Using Supplementation to Be the Best Version of You

The typical American diet lacks a sufficient amount of many required nutrients. Published studies have found that our average diet is lacking in numerous essential nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and even vitamins A, C, and D.

It is no wonder that most adults in the United States of America consume one or more dietary supplements either occasionally or every single day.

Most of these adults consume dietary supplements not just to get what they are missing, but also in the hope that they’ll grant themselves an extra health boost which acts as a protective buffer to ward off disease.

Dietary supplements include enzymes, amino acids, botanicals, herbals, minerals, vitamins, and many other substances. They are also sold in an assortment of forms, e.g., energy bars, powders, capsules, as well as traditional tablets.

All products branded as dietary supplements exhibit a “Supplement Facts Panel” listing the quantities of active ingredients as per serving and all additional ingredients such as flavorings, binders, and fillers.

The manufacturer of the product will also suggest a serving quantity, although you and your doctor should decide on the right dosage.

How Supplements Can Enhance Physical Performance

A search online for enhancing physical performance will produce millions of sites explaining the different types of supplements available.

Supplements are also considered performance enhancers in the sports realm. They are typically advertised on most exercise and fitness websites and magazines, though you might even come across lots of advertisements in nutrition and vitamin stores.

Most well-known supplements in the fitness realm are performance enhancers promoted by supplement companies claiming that they’ll result in performance and health benefits.

Some companies claim that they’ll help you burn fat, and other companies claim they’ll increase your muscle mass, boost your testosterone, etc.

Moreover, as young athletes mature, they’ll need building blocks to maintain their sturdy, lean, and muscular bodies. These building blocks come from foods, and proteins act as the prime structural components of organs, tendons, bones, muscles, and all other tissues.

The athlete’s body also needs minerals and vitamins to grow. Regrettably, the average American youth’s diet is deficient and unbalanced in nutrient-rich meals such as vegetables, and foods which supply crucial nutrients including potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and Vitamins A and C.

Despite the fact that a food first approach is suggested, some players have advanced nutrient demands compared to others, and this is where supplements and performance enhancers come into play. Supplements such as multi-vitamins and whey protein isolates with comprehensive blends of minerals and vitamins are recommended since they can help players meet all their nutritional needs.

For young athletes who may need to shed body fat while still maintaining lean muscle mass, branched chain amino acids could be the safest alternative to a high-calorie whey protein supplement.
That said, in case you are an active exerciser or into sports, then you understand that attaining all the desired results after consuming dietary supplements takes typically effort and time; you’ll need to execute on proper nutrition and adequate training techniques.

The problem is, most athletes want to attain all these health benefits quickly, which is why they’ll only go for performance supplements promising quick results just because they sound more appealing.
Some supplements, of course, do enhance athletic performance, but then again, the most significant challenge has always been and will always be ensuring that the performance enhancer you’re using is not only efficient but also legal and safe.

Supplements can be laced with unpredictable quantities of at best useless—at worst toxic—substances.
So, to determine that the supplement you are thinking of using is safe, ensure that you consult a medical doctor or other qualified health professional to ensure that you do not fall victim to this.

Prior to taking any supplement for disease prevention or performance enhancement, it is crucial that you confirm whether the prospective benefits outweigh the perils. To draw such a conclusion, you’ll need to take a look at the outcomes of peer-reviewed empirical studies.

Until then, be judicious when it comes to your usage of supplements. In case you lack in a specific nutrient, consult with your doctor and know whether you’ll need to stray from your daily diet to make up for the missing nutrients.

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