July 9, 2020

VPN Protection and Other Tips to Make Video Streaming Kid-Friendly

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The beauty of the internet is that you can find everything you need with just the click of a button or a simple search. Though this has definitely made people’s lives much easier, this accessibility is a double-edged sword––especially when children are involved. After all, one simple and innocent Google search can direct a child to highly-inappropriate content. 

It wasn’t too long ago that we witnessed first-hand the harmful effects that the internet can have on children. Two such examples include the incidents of Elsagate and Slenderman. In both of these, the content at first seemed harmless, focusing on Elsa from the popular Frozen franchise in the first case, and popular horror urban legend Slenderman in the second. However, both topics started diving towards incredibly age-inappropriate content when they were taken over by internet trolls. 

Parents now find themselves in a unique predicament—how do you prevent your children from stumbling upon inappropriate content? In order to get ahead of what lurks behind the dark corners of the internet, you may need to become more tech-savvy. Though it may seem hopeless at first, accessing safe and educational content isn’t an impossible ordeal.

Aside from having VPN protection —which is one surefire way to ensure secure internet access for you and your children—there are many great alternatives for kid-friendly entertainment. Here are some of the best entertainment options for your children to enjoy:

  • YouTube Restricted Mode
  • Jellies
  • kiddzTube
  • GOnoodle
  • Netflix

Youtube Restricted Mode 

If your child’s primary source of entertainment is YouTube, then make use of YouTube Restricted Mode. Don’t confuse this with YouTube Kids, which isn’t completely reliable—some questionable content still bypasses its filters. 

You can activate the Restricted Mode through some tweaks to your account’s settings. Activating this will filter out sensitive content from playing or even appearing on your feed, thus making it safer for your kids to watch.


Jellies is a streaming application that was made by parents, for kids. Not only do they carefully curate the content that comes in, but your children won’t be bothered by pesky ads and other potential distractions as well. 

They also allow parents to choose topics for their kids to focus on, with additional age-specific filters so that relevant content appears first. The content is also community-driven, meaning that Jellies-users have a say in new video content that appears on the app. 


Another great option that sources and curates videos directly from YouTube is kiddzTube. The content is curated by a team of real-life teachers who make sure that its users only access age-appropriate content. Kids using this platform have a variety of videos to choose from—be it cartoons, fairy tales, songs, and kid-friendly vloggers.


This platform stands out from the rest, as it provides options to keep your children active. GoNoodle offers holistic education to children by not confining this endeavor to traditional educational videos. 

They also encourage children to improve their physical and mental wellbeing by offering videos that teach dancing, yoga, and mindfulness. What makes it even better is that it’s 100% free to use—just turn it on and play it for your kids to enjoy.


Chances are you already have a Netflix subscription, thus making this option a great one—no need to spend extra cash, nor will you have to deal with learning to use a new app. 

Netflix has a built-in child-friendly option that automatically filters content so that only age-appropriate content comes up. The experience is exactly the same as Netflix, but with shows and movies specifically catered to kids. In addition, if you use VPN protection, you may be able to unlock other content that was previously blocked to you.


A myriad of options exists for parents to give their children quality screen time. Through them, parents get to sit back and relax, knowing that their children won’t be stumbling upon questionable content. Don’t rush into committing to just one—explore your options, and find what works best for you and your child.

If you want to ensure secure internet access on your devices, then it might be time to look into VPN protection. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help improve your internet browsing experience!

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