Where Should You Get a Teacup Pig?

So, you have made up your mind to get a new pet. You love dogs and cats but you are a little bit unique. You want a pet that fits your unique nature. You want a pet that is smart and can be litter box trained and kept inside. After a lot of research you concluded a teacup pig. You see them in commercials on TV and you have seen them in movies and on TV shows. Where are they getting these adorable teacup pigs? You start researching on Google and you see a bunch of websites warning about teacup pigs getting 600 LBS! So you know you want to be certain that you are getting an actual teacup pig or micro pig and not a regular size hog!

How can you be certain that you are getting a real teacup pig?

Don’t be cheap! If you are a bargain shopper like me you are always looking for the best deals. I get it. However, if you start doing this with teacup pigs you may end up getting a normal size hog. Teacup pigs are very rare! In fact, respectable breeds like Pampered Piglets usually require that you spay or neuter your piglet. Their pigs have been bred down in size for several generations. Every generation their pigs get smaller. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of the Pampered Piglet bloodlines out there with breeding rights. This leads almost to a monopoly in the industry. You will see many copycat competitors come and go but they don’t have the same quality breeding standards. Pampered Piglets by making their teacup pigs rare they create a higher demand. Since they have the smallest teacup pigs, they can charge a lot more. Some of their teacup pigs cost as much as $3,000 dollars! Now they do offer financing to help with the hefty price tag. There are plenty of other breeders that have much cheaper pigs. You can find other pigs from 300-1,500. Most of those pigs will grow to 90-150 LBS which is still small for pig standards. Even bigger pigs make great pets so don’t be discouraged if the pig grows to a large size. You can always keep a larger pig in your back yard.

What type of personalities do pigs have?

Each teacup pig will have its own unique personality. That personality will develop as the pig ages. Like a child every piggy will be a little different. Some are sassy and some are cuddlier. They all act like a kid on the first day of school when they are around other children. When your piggy is around a group of new piglets it may act like it doesn’t know you since it doesn’t want to be made fun of by the other piglets. Most teacup piglets will try to test you during the first week. They start off by acting scared. Acting like they don’t want to be held. This goes away after a couple of days once you earn their trust. Once they get more comfortable with you they will try to test you. They want to try to be the boss. You want to make sure that you don’t give in. You want to stand your ground so they know that you are the boss. After that initial test your piglet is going to really bond with you. They will want to cuddle. They will also rub their nose on your arm back and forth. They are very food motivated. Give them food and they will love you forever. Make sure you keep them on their diet though. Don’t give into them or you will have an obese piglet. Micro pigs and teacup pigs respond much better to positive behavior. Give them rewards and avoid giving them punishments. They seem to hold grudges if someone treats them bad.

Can teacup pigs be taught tricks?

Some people don’t realise how intelligent pigs really are. They are in the top 5 most intelligent animals on earth. Some scientist compare their intelligence to that of a 3-year-old child. So yes, teacup pigs can learn to do tricks. They can learn to sit for treats and they can learn to go on a leash as well. Most piglets can learn tricks quicker that pups can. The key is rewarding them with food. Give them a small treat and they will almost do anything for more treats. Some people have taught their teacup pigs to do more advance tricks like help detect sugar levels for diabetic patients and to swim.

Congrats on the decision to own a teacup pig. Once you have one as a pet you will never look at pigs the same!

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Over the years, there have been a craze of micro pets especially tiny pet pigs. This craze is because they are small sized and easy to handle unlike normal pets. Hence, most people buy micro pets from online sellers with a promise that the animals will stop growing after one year and if fed to a restricted diet. The problem is that are many breeders that are selling regular Potbelly pigs and claiming that they are micro pigs.