July 7, 2020

Why Choosing a VPN by Country Matters

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In a digitally-oriented world where data breaches, vulnerable networks, and internet surveillance are rampant, a virtual private network is an indispensable ray of hope for privacy. These tools reroute your internet connection to a private network so you can send and receive data securely.

Unfortunately, not all VPNs are the same. There are a few reasons for this. One main one has to do with the country the VPN company operates within. Part of this has to do with federal laws and regulations. But another, major part, has to do with an international agreement called the Five Eyes Alliance. Members of this alliance, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have agreed to share intelligence between them to mitigate potential threats. Much of that shared intelligence comes from your digital data.

Unfortunately, although VPNs originating from these countries try to protect you as best they can, they are often powerless against sweeping laws that force them to collect, store, and even share user information. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your data has no protection. However, it poses a greater risk to your security and privacy. Let’s dive deeper into how global alliances impact your privacy, and why choosing a VPN by country is important:

  • How does the Five Eyes Alliance impact my VPN?
  • Why does choosing a VPN outside of these jurisdictions matter?

How Does the Five Eyes Alliance Affect Your VPN Experience?

In general, the countries in the Five Eyes alliance possess a frightening power that leaves your personal online information vulnerable. They have the ability to coerce communications providers like ISPs, cell phone networks, email providers and, yes, VPNs to do some or all of the following:

  • Turn a blind eye regarding existing laws and prioritize Five Eyes directives 
  • Turn in user information as demanded by the Five Eyes to fulfill secret warrants 
  • Secretly add malware on user devices
  • Generally disrupt the user experience if necessary

In addition, data collected in one country is then shared with the other members of the alliance. This means that your information is at risk if you use a VPN based in any of these countries. The worst part is that many prevent the provider from notifying the customer whose data was breached. This leaves them powerless to warn their clients. 

The Five Alliance isn’t the only risk to your privacy, either. Two other surveillance alliances exist, called the Nine Eyes Alliance and Fourteen Eyes Alliance. Similar to the Five Eyes Alliance, these alliances are made up of groups of countries that have an agreement to share collected citizen data with other nations.

Choosing a VPN by Country Matters More Than You Think

The primary purpose of a VPN is to boost the online security and privacy of all your internet activity by connecting you to a server with a reliable, encrypted connection. This ensures that your unique data will be virtually impossible to read, but that doesn’t mean your activities are completely scrambled.

Your digital footprint and online movement is visible to the VPN provider you choose. Because of this, selecting the right company is crucial since they are responsible for protecting your data. If you subscribe to a service that operates in a Five Eyes country, then governments may seize the data collected by the VPN, then share it with other nations. Although you may think you’re safe, reality may not match your perception.

The Bottom Line: Use a VPN Outside of the Surveillance Alliances’ Jurisdiction

Now that you have a glimpse of the dangers of connecting to a VPN provider headquartered in the Five Eyes Alliance, keep in mind that you are at risk. If your VPN logs your data, it can give it away.

Choosing a VPN by country is crucial to the degree of privacy you are guaranteed to have. Because of this, it’s best to first look at countries with a trusted track record of protecting your privacy. This includes Switzerland, Romania, Iceland, and Seychelles, where HotBot VPN operates. 

If you’re looking for the best and affordable worldwide VPN network that can provide secure and private internet access, HotBot VPN is the best choice. We value your online privacy, and don’t have to worry about surveillance alliances! Connect with HotBot VPN and enjoy a hacker-proof, encrypted tunnel where you can surf the net free from prying eyes no matter where you are in the digital world. 

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