May 22, 2020

Why Having a VPN Service is Important

Posted by kevin

Virtual private network, or VPN, services are becoming one of the most important security measures a person can have to protect their online life. Previously, simply installing anti-virus or anti-malware software was enough. However, these softwares have limited range, especially with regard to hacker protection.

With many organizations and individuals conducting business over the internet, securing your online activity and information has become essential. Whether it’s to prevent remote access, protect against spyware and malware, or simply to give you that sense of security, having a VPN set up is definitely the way to go.

  • What is a VPN?
  • Why should you use a VPN?
  • Is a VPN the same as a proxy?

What is a VPN Service?

A VPN is a service that secures your online activity. It establishes a secure, encrypted connection over an otherwise unsecured and unencrypted network. More specifically, VPNs reroute the data to and from your computer into a server. The server then encrypts the information before resending it. Beyond this, it also masks your computer’s IP address. This makes it seem like your computer is logged in somewhere you’re actually not.

By scrambling and encrypting data, VPNs make it difficult for hackers to process the information from your computer. If your anti-virus software is a shield that protects your computer from invaders, then a VPN service is a secure underground tunnel that allows you to distribute information without being noticed. Utilizing this “tunnel” makes even the most dangerous public networks a bit safer.

Why Use a VPN?

Data breaches are an incredibly common danger of today’s online world. If your data is unencrypted and on an unsecured network, it’s possible that a hacker has already “seen” that data. While basic internet searches are relatively harmless, information such as your email address, name, or even your bank account information can be potentially catastrophic if it falls into the wrong hands.

With most unsecured networks, such as public wi-fi connections, a hacker has a “sniffer” on standby, waiting to spy and steal data or even hijack your device. Using a VPN secures your information and your computer from regular hacking.

Is a VPN the Same as a Proxy?

Although they are somewhat similar in function, using a VPN is different than using a proxy server. They both share the same capability of masking your IP address and your regular browsing practices. Much like a VPN, using a proxy server can assure you that you maintain your anonymity while browsing. This means websites that you visit won’t “see” where you’re actually browsing from.

The difference with using a proxy server, however, is that your connection doesn’t benefit from encryption. By simply relying on a proxy server on an unsecured connection, a hacker can still easily steal your information if they have a sniffer. While remaining anonymous is definitely a good thing when surfing the web, it’s still more important to have secured networks—which is why using a VPN is the best option.


Using a VPN service is a great boost to your online security. If you’re a businessperson who transacts mainly online or are handling lots of confidential digital information in general, then using a VPN is a must. In addition, it’s one of the best security measures for securing your identity and banking information—which is why this tool is incredibly handy for all audiences.

If you’re looking for the best VPN service available on the market, then we are the one for you.

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Posted by kevin

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