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August 20, 2020

Why Your Business Needs a VPN

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COVID-19 has changed the world, from the way we interact with each other to the way we do business. The virus has forced people to stay home as a prevention method for contracting and spreading it but, even in the face of a pandemic, the world must go on.

Many businesses have swapped to a work-from-home model, which allows for productivity from the safety of each employee’s respective homes. However, the move of operations to home offices has exposed many businesses’ security infrastructures to online threats such as hackers and other malicious entities. This is possible because many home PCs have fewer threat protections on them than the computers found in a corporate office.

As remote work is increasing in popularity, the risk of infiltration into a business’ system grows as well. Here is why your business needs a VPN, or virtual private network:

  • Home offices aren’t as secure
  • VPNs are a quick way to encrypt data
  • Hackers are getting smarter

Home Offices Aren’t as Secure

Office spaces are specially set up to have an infrastructure that secures, protects, and maintains their network. This way, businesses can control the flow of online information and ensure that everything stays safely within the network. 

However, with the transfer to a home office setup, these protections are no longer in place. A corporate office’s internal network has several layers of security, all of which disappear once employees start working from home. Most people don’t pay for extra protection for their home network because they simply don’t see the need for it; they believe that they offer nothing worth hacking into because they’re regular individuals and not a successful company. 

In fact, many people use a shared network that might even be provided by their neighbors. This makes it even easier for hackers to infiltrate their systems as home offices don’t always follow all the necessary security protocols, which puts the company at risk.

This is exactly why your business needs a VPN, with logins for all of your staff members. VPNs protect the information and internet traffic on individual computers, meaning all of your employees can stay safe, while working on independent networks.

VPNs are a Quick Way to Encrypt Data 

Having a VPN installed is a quick and easy way of controlling the safety of an employee’s home network. It helps reinforce and maintain network security regardless of where they are; their internal communications with the office will be kept secure whether they’re sunning themselves at the beach or if they’re huddling for warmth in the mountains.

VPNs are ideal for bolstering network security because the learning curve of understanding how they work is reasonably low, making it easy for pretty much anyone to install it, while providing sufficient security for the company. By connecting to the internet through a VPN, all data inflow and outflow will be encrypted and protected, which secures confidential information from hackers or other people with malicious intent.

Another benefit of VPNs is that they can be set up with a plug-and-play model: they just need to be connected once and will continue to operate from there. This ease of use will encourage more employees to download and use a company-provided VPN, which will secure the total move of operations from the office to the home.

Hackers are Getting Smarter

One of the other reasons why your business needs a VPN is because they’re necessary to protect remote workers against hackers. Without one, hackers have easier access to confidential information. Most people are aware of what standard hacking emails look like because of obvious characteristics. They include suspicious email addresses that resemble spam, poor grammar, and dubious propositions. However, hackers have stepped their game up by using emails that are eerily similar to official emails of reputable companies. Even the most skeptical people have fallen prey to hackers and their sophisticated schemes, like phishing. 

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important as hackers are getting smarter and technology is continuously evolving. VPNs are essential for encrypting data transmitted during work-from-home setups. However, you should also provide employees with comprehensive but easily understandable security training. This will teach them how to keep their data secure from advanced hackers, with or without a VPN.


As the business world progresses into a work-from-home model, more concerns about cybersecurity are surfacing. This is why your business needs a VPN. Virtual private networks are a simple and effective way of securing all information and communication transmitted from a device. This helps protect against hackers. Since they’re incredibly easy to use and are successful at preventing cyberattacks, fully transitioning to remote work—especially in the time of COVID-19—will be much easier and more secure. 

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