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Download HotBot VPN For Android TV

A must-have for travel and incognito browsing. Instant, anonymous, and secure.

Entertainment meets privacy

  • Get the content you want

    Enjoy a better streaming experience. Gain total anonymity, hide your IP, and change your location to unlock restricted content. Unlimited bandwidth.

  • Unlock restricted content

    Activate HotBotVPN for Android TV and connect to any of our regional servers. Access your favorite local sports and channels. No more geo-restrictions.

  • Are you being throttled?

    Many ISPs throttle your speed if you stream or download too much. With our VPN activated, you will hide all your network activity and say goodbye to slow streams and limits.

  • Download like no one is watching.

    We create a secure encrypted tunnel for your android TV box. No one (internet service provider, your government, network admin) can see your downloads.

Why Hotbot VPN for Android TV?

  • Military grade encryption

    While using HotBotVPN your data is scrambled with AES 256-bit Military Grade Encryption. Only you and your secure connection can access it.

  • Zero Logs

    We do NOT log any of your network activity or usage. You are free to explore the internet as it was intended.

  • Optimized for speed

    Optimized for speed HotBotVPN has over 2000 servers operating around the world. We constantly maintain and update servers so speed should not be an issue.

Set up HotBotVPN on Android TV

  • Download on TV

    Simply search the Google Play Store for "Hotbot VPN"

  • Sign in

    Install, login, connect. If you dont have an account, just get one on our website.

  • Connect to VPN

    Connect to your favorite VPN server, secure your device, gain privacy.

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