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A must-have for travel and incognito browsing. Instant, anonymous, and secure.

Explore Freely

  • Privacy Matters

    Connecting to a VPN will hide your IP, location, and browsing activities from your internet service provider and anyone else on the same network you connect to.

  • Auto-Connect

    With HotBot VPN for MacOS, it’s easy to set up an automatic connection, this way you never have to worry about your data. Just launch the app and you are protected.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    Downloading, streaming, or browsing. HotBot VPN has no limits on data or speed. Explore freely the way the internet was meant to be. No logs, no throttling, ever.

  • Access Blocked or Restricted Content

    Don’t let your work or government choose what you are allowed to access. Whether you are at work or travelling, a VPN can bypass all network and geo-restricted content.

Advanced Network and App Features

  • Over 2000 VPN Servers

    Unlimited connections, unlimited speed. HotBot VPN allows you to connect to our large network of servers worldwide, keeping you anonymous and secure while using the internet.

  • Video Streaming

    You can use our servers and watch your favorite streaming services like Netflix and more. Unlimited data and high-speed connections make HotBot VPN a great choice. Get connected to the services you love.

  • Military-Grade Encryption

    While using HotBot VPN, your data is scrambled with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption. Only you can access it.

So Many Ways to Benefit from a VPN

  • Easily Save Your Favourite Servers

    Our MacOS VPN application allows you to quickly add servers to your favourites list. Enjoy automatic connections to the fastest servers.

  • Protection on All Your Devices

    With HotBot VPN, all you need is one account for access on up to 6 simultaneous devices on the most popular platforms. Windows, Macs, iPhones, Android, and more are all included for one low price.

  • Save Money Online Shopping

    Sites such as Steam, Kayak, Airbnb, Booking, and Uber all use geo-based pricing. Flights, car rentals, hotels and other online services may charge different prices based on location.

  • Create Untraceable Accounts

    While connected to a VPN, a secure tunnel is created, and your real IP is hidden. For a non-traceable email account, always use a VPN.

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