How to Unblock Facebook with HotBot VPN

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One of the first and most popular social media sites, Facebook seems to be everywhere. But did you know you may not be able to access it everywhere? Schools and workplaces can block the site over their internet networks to boost productivity. Likewise, governments can prevent citizens from accessing the site in order to censor the content available to them. If you ever come across a blocked Facebook, unblock it with a VPN. Here’s how to do so with HotBot VPN:

  • Step 1: Download our app and create an account.
  • Step 2: Select a server anywhere in the world where Facebook is not blocked. We have hundreds to choose from
  • Step 3: Enjoy full access to your newsfeed, friend lists, games, and more.

Why do networks block Facebook?

Hundreds of services find themselves blocked for a variety of reasons. Facebook often numbers among them. Although the reasons vary by region, there are a few common ones. First, many consider Facebook to be a distraction in school and workplace settings. In order to reduce that distraction, local network administrators may block the service to schools and offices. Second, the content shared on Facebook may not meet censorship guidelines in areas with strict censorship laws. These areas include countries like China and North Korea.

How does HotBot VPN unblock Facebook?

In general, networks block Facebook by knowing your IP address, which tells them your location. Virtual private networks avoid blocked content by assigning your device a new, temporary IP address outside of the region affected by the block. In addition, VPNs reroute your traffic through their own servers so you can’t find content blocked by your internet service provider.

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