An In-Depth Review of Reolink Camera System

In today’s world, security is a top priority for many homeowners and businesses. The Reolink camera system has emerged as a popular choice in the market, offering a range of features and benefits that cater to different security needs. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the Reolink camera system, comparing it to competitors, discussing its features, performance, pricing, and more. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Reolink PoE Camera Systems offer 24/7 recording, easy setup & high-quality video.

  • Arlo provides rich notifications and muting options for more control over camera systems.

  • Reolink cameras provide excellent features & performance capabilities with competitive pricing to secure homes or businesses.

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Reolink PoE camera systems have gained popularity in the realm of home and business security due to their 24/7 recording capabilities, easy setup, and high-quality video. The plug-and-play setup process makes it a breeze for even the most inexperienced users to get their security system up and running. One of the main advantages of Reolink PoE camera systems is their compatibility with other Reolink home security cameras, Argus cameras, and additional Reolink cameras that don’t require an NVR.

Reolink offers a variety of pricing options for their camera systems, with a free Basic cloud storage plan and other pricing tiers, such as the Standard Plan ($3.49/month), Premier Plan ($6.99/month), and Business Plan ($10.49/month). The Best Reolink PoE Security Camera System includes 1 NVR (RLN16-410) and 8 RLC-811A cameras, along with a pre-installed hard drive with 4TB of capacity.

Reolink offers a 2-year limited warranty. Customers can extend the warranty to 2 and a half years if they register the purchased Reolink products within 2 years of purchase.

Reolink’s software is designed to be user-friendly and accessible through mobile and desktop apps, making it extremely easy to manage your camera system. Connecting the camera to your home network is simple. All you have to do is download the Reolink app and follow the instructions on-screen.

Accessing recordings on Reolink’s software is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Tap the Playback button on any camera page in the app.

  2. You can view your recordings.

  3. The app allows you to scrub through each day’s recordings or filter them to display only motion events.

  4. This gives you control and helps you stay connected with your Reolink camera system.

Customizing motion zones and notification settings on Reolink’s DIY security cameras with smart motion detection can help control stay connected and avoid constant motion notifications from non-threatening events such as wind blowing through leaves or bugs flying around at night.

Reolink PoE cameras are known for their clear video quality, with some models offering 4K resolution and advanced features like pan, tilt, and zoom. The Reolink RLC-811A PoE camera, for instance, has 5x optical zoom and five powerful LED spotlights for clear visibility. Reolink also offers a solar panel accessory that can be used with some of their cameras to keep them charged.

The Reolink Argus 2 offers 1080p HD video quality, making it a competitive choice among other camera brands in the market. The Reolink RLC-811A boasts a 2.7-13.5mm varifocal lens for a wide field of view and zoomed-in narrow field of view, ensuring great image quality. The installation process of the Reolink E1 Outdoor camera involves some wiring since it’s wired and doesn’t have a battery pack. However, other Reolink cameras, like Argus 2 and Argus 3, have rechargeable batteries with good battery life.

The Reolink E1 Outdoor camera can differentiate between people and vehicles when it comes to motion detection. The motion sensor in the Reolink E1 Outdoor camera is quite sensitive, so you might want to lower it from the default setting.

Comparing Reolink and Arlo security camera systems necessitates an evaluation of the differences in features, pricing, and overall value. Here are the key differences:

  1. Reolink PoE cameras are a better option for outdoor use than Arlo wireless cameras.

  2. Reolink cameras record to an NVR hard drive, allowing for local storage of footage, while Arlo cameras rely mainly on cloud-based recording and only record when motion events are detected.

  3. Reolink offers 24/7 recording, which is not available in Arlo systems.

Arlo cameras, on the other hand, are a better choice for occasional home use. Deciding between Reolink and Arlo ultimately depends on the user’s needs, as each brand offers different features, pricing, and overall value.

Arlo’s Rich Notifications and Muting Options

Arlo offers rich notifications through its phone app that allow you to view alerts with images right on your lock screen. You can customize these notifications by tapping the more icon (…) on the top right.

Arlo also provides muting options, enabling you to mute notifications for a specific camera or all of them. To mute notifications, head to the Arlo Secure App, tap Settings, and then tap Mute Notifications.

These features are not available in Reolink PoE camera systems, which may be a deciding factor for some users.

For those looking to upgrade their Reolink camera system, there are several options available.

  • Add additional cameras

  • Upgrade the internal hard drive

  • Add an external HDD to the Reolink RLK8-800B4 system

  • Upgrade the firmware (Note: Cameras can only be updated from the NVR directly via a USB key and using a VGA/HDMI monitor)

Improving your Reolink camera system’s performance and storage capacity to better suit your security needs is achievable through an upgrade. This flexibility makes Reolink an attractive option for those looking to expand or enhance their existing security systems.

To enhance the storage capacity of your Reolink NVR, you have various options at your disposal. You can add an external hard drive by connecting it to the NVR using a USB cable, formatting the hard drive, and using it to store video recordings. Alternatively, you can use a USB flash drive to increase the storage capacity by connecting it to your NVR, formatting it, and then using it to store all your video recordings.

Enhancing your Reolink NVR’s storage capacity provides ample space for all your security footage, eliminating worries about running out of storage or compromising video quality.

Learn more, visit How to Expand the Capacity of Reolink NVRs

Smart Home Integration and Compatibility

Reolink cameras offer limited smart home integration, supporting Amazon Alexa and Google Home. By connecting Reolink cameras to these smart home devices, you can use voice control and interact with other smart devices in your home, making it easier to manage your security system. However, it is worth noting that Reolink cameras do not support SmartThings or IFTTT, which may be a consideration for those who rely heavily on smart home integrations.

Although Reolink’s smart home integration is limited compared to some competitors, the compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home still offers a convenient way to manage your security system using voice commands and smart device interactions.

Evaluating the pricing and value of Reolink camera systems requires consideration of their cost-effectiveness compared to competitors like Arlo. Reolink Camera System prices range from about $400 to $530, offering outdoor cameras with rechargeable batteries, plenty of features, and competitive cloud pricing. Some popular Reolink camera models include the Argus 2E at $62.99, the Argus 3 Pro at $118.99, and the Eco at $74.99.

Reolink camera system pricing is on par with other camera systems like Arlo, making it a cost-effective option for those in need of a reliable and feature-rich security system. With its range of features, competitive pricing, and overall value, the Reolink camera system is an excellent choice for those looking to secure their home or business.

Reolink’s wireless security cameras, such as the Argus series, offer a range of features, performance capabilities, and ease of use, making them a popular choice for many users. The Best Reolink Wireless Security Camera System package comes with two Reolink Trackmix cameras and one 8 channel NVR with a 2TB hard drive pre-installed. The Reolink Argus 3 for instance, is a wireless and battery-powered camera with 1080p HD resolution, making it a great choice for outdoor security.

One notable feature of the Reolink Argus 3 is that it can cause glare and blur faces if not positioned properly. Reolink Trackmix cameras, on the other hand, have an innovative feature that allows them to track using two lenses.

Comprehending the features and performance capabilities of Reolink’s wireless security cameras helps users make informed decisions about the model that best suits their security needs.

Reolink PTZ cameras offer the following features:

  • Advanced person and vehicle detection

  • Auto-tracking

  • Two-way audio

  • High-resolution video quality

These cameras are suitable for a variety of security needs. With pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, Reolink PTZ cameras provide flexible monitoring and surveillance options for users. Some models, such as the Reolink RLC-823A and RLC-523WA, even offer wireless connectivity and color night vision.

Reolink PTZ cameras perform well in both indoor and outdoor settings, offering versatility and adaptability for different security requirements. Whether you need security for your home, business, or other property, Reolink PTZ cameras are a reliable and feature-rich option to consider.

Like any technology, Reolink cameras can sometimes experience issues. Common problems include connection problems, video quality issues, and power supply issues.

To troubleshoot connection problems, check the connection settings on your camera, restart the device, and double-check the settings on your router. Symptoms of video quality issues can include pixelation, blurriness, and low resolution, which can be addressed by checking the camera’s settings, moving the camera around, and examining the camera’s lens.

Power supply issues can cause flickering, dimming, and sudden shutdowns. To troubleshoot these issues, check the power supply, power cable, and power adapter. By addressing these common issues and maintaining optimal performance through regular checks and updates, users can ensure their Reolink cameras continue to provide reliable security and monitoring.


In conclusion, Reolink camera systems offer a range of features, performance capabilities, and pricing options that cater to various security needs. From PoE cameras to wireless and PTZ cameras, Reolink provides versatile and reliable security solutions for homes and businesses. Though their smart home integration is limited compared to some competitors, their compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Home still offers convenience and ease of use.

By understanding the features, pricing, and performance of Reolink camera systems, users can make informed decisions about which security solution best suits their needs. With a range of options available, Reolink stands out as a strong contender in the security camera market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reolink offers different Cloud Storage plans ranging from $2.99 to $9.99 per month, making it an affordable option for your home security needs.

Reolink offers intuitive apps, plenty of customization options, reasonable prices, and reliable equipment – making it a great option for home security.

No, Reolink cameras do not need WiFi to work – they can be set up with an Ethernet cable and still record footage by using local storage.

Reolink PoE camera systems offer 24/7 recording, easy setup, high-quality video, motion detection, night vision, and integration with other Reolink cameras – making them the perfect choice for home security.

Reolink camera systems are competitively priced compared to other top security brands like Arlo, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-packed solution.

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