Unlocking the Power of Shelly Website in 2023

Imagine a world where you can control your entire home with just a few taps on your smartphone. A world where energy efficiency, convenience, and automation are at the heart of your living experience. Welcome to the world of Shelly, a leading provider of smart home solutions! In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the Shelly website, its products, and services, and discover how this amazing company is revolutionizing the way we live in 2023.

From exploring the Shelly website to learning about their residential, commercial, and industrial offerings, you’ll be well-equipped to make your home or business smarter, more efficient, and downright delightful. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Unlock the power of Shelly Website in 2023 – explore its amazing selection of smart home solutions and user-friendly interface!

  • Navigate with ease using the app for iOS & Android devices, or browse their UL Certified Relays, Power Metering Devices, Low Voltage Controllers and more!

  • Get personalized help from Shelly’s friendly customer support team through phone calls, live chat & email – let’s get started on your journey today!

Explore the Shelly Website: A Comprehensive Guide

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A treasure trove of information, products, and services awaits you on the Shelly website, all designed to streamline your life. With a wide range of smart home solutions, from lighting control to energy management and heating automation, there’s something for everyone on the Shelly website. And, with a user-friendly interface, finding what you need has never been more straightforward.

Questions? Need assistance? The dedicated Shelly customer support team stands ready to guide you through any hiccups. They’re just a click or a call away, ready to provide you with the information you need to make the most of your Shelly products and services.

You’ll find the Shelly website a breeze to navigate. You can access the device’s web interface using the universal IP address, or simply visit home.Shelly.cloud to explore settings and search for device information.

And if you’re on the go, the Shelly app for iOS and Android devices allows you to access settings and control your devices with just a few taps.

Product Categories

For all your smart home needs, look no further than Shelly. Their product categories include:

  • UL Certified Relays

  • Power Metering Devices

  • Low Voltage Controllers

  • Battery Operated Devices

  • Accessories

Whether you’re looking for:

  • Reliable and safe control of electrical loads

  • Energy monitoring in residential or commercial settings

  • Automation of low voltage systems like lighting and security

Shelly’s product offerings have got you covered as you enter the world of quality products with a plan.

Support Resources

Should you require help, Shelly is always there for you. Their website offers a wealth of support resources, including a web interface guide, support knowledge base, and FAQs, to help you make the most of your Shelly products.

So, whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or simply looking for more information on a specific feature, Shelly’s support resources have you covered. Don’t hesitate to dive in and explore!

Shelly’s Residential Solutions: Making Your Home Smarter

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Imagine a home where every aspect is tailored to your preferences, where energy efficiency and convenience are paramount. That’s the magic of Shelly’s residential solutions. With a focus on smart lighting control, energy management, and heating and cooling automation, Shelly is transforming the way we live and interact with our homes.

Regardless of your home’s size or your needs’ complexity, Shelly’s residential solutions aim to upgrade your living experience with true smart home benefits. Let’s explore these innovative offerings and discover how they can revolutionize your living experience.

Smart Lighting Control

Shelly’s smart lighting control solutions are truly impressive. With dimmers, switches, and motion sensors, you can create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, set timers, and create customized lighting scenes with just a few taps on your smartphone.

And with seamless integration with other smart home devices, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience and energy savings. Say goodbye to fumbling for light switches in the dark and hello to a world of effortless illumination!

Energy Management

Shelly’s energy management products are the perfect fit if you aim to cut costs and lessen your environmental footprint. These innovative solutions allow you to monitor energy consumption in real-time, identify areas of inefficiency, and provide insights into how to reduce energy usage.

From smart thermostats and energy monitors to energy-saving light bulbs, Shelly’s energy management solutions are designed to make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. It’s a win-win for both your wallet and the planet!

Heating and Cooling Automation

Take control of your home’s climate with Shelly’s heating and cooling automation solutions. With thermostats, sensors, and controllers at your fingertips, you can optimize your home’s HVAC systems for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Remotely control your heating and cooling, set schedules, and adjust temperatures from anywhere, ensuring your home is always at the perfect temperature. With Shelly’s heating and cooling automation, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home all year round.

Expand Your Business with Shelly’s Commercial and Industrial Offerings

Beyond residential solutions. Shelly also caters to businesses with a range of impressive commercial and industrial offerings. From innovative lighting solutions to advanced automation and metering systems, Shelly is committed to providing cutting-edge technology that meets the needs of businesses big and small.

You can leverage Shelly’s commercial and industrial solutions to enhance your office environment or fine-tune your industrial processes. Let’s explore these fantastic solutions and discover how they can benefit your business.

For more info, please visit Shelly Group expands production capacity taking into account further growing demand.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Shelly’s commercial lighting solutions are designed to take your business to new heights. With features such as scheduling, timers, and occupancy detection, these innovative products can help you create the perfect lighting environment for your workspace while also saving energy.

From retail stores and offices to warehouses and industrial facilities, Shelly’s commercial lighting solutions are the perfect choice for businesses looking to enhance their spaces and improve their bottom line. Make the switch to Shelly’s commercial lighting solutions and experience the difference for yourself!

Industrial Automation and Metering

Shelly’s industrial automation and metering solutions are designed to streamline processes and improve efficiency in a variety of industries. Compatible with SCADA/MQTT systems, these advanced offerings can help you monitor and control various parameters in your industrial processes, from billing and monitoring to overall process control.

With Shelly’s industrial automation and metering solutions, you’ll enjoy increased productivity, reduced downtime, and enhanced safety and efficiency in your business operations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your industrial processes with Shelly’s cutting-edge solutions!

Shelly Smart Control App: Command Your Smart Devices

Gain mastery over your smart devices using the Shelly Smart Control app. This incredible app offers a range of features and is compatible with various platforms, making it the perfect tool for managing your Shelly devices. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Shelly Smart Control app puts the power in your hands.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, the Shelly Smart Control app simplifies the task of managing your smart home or business by offering device control and power usage monitoring. Let’s explore what this amazing app has to offer!

App Features

Loaded with user-friendly features, the Shelly Smart Control app is designed to simplify your life. From space and energy management tools to remote access and scheduling, this app offers everything you need to take control of your smart devices.

With the app, you can effortlessly:

  • Turn lights on and off

  • Adjust brightness

  • Set timers

  • Create customized lighting scenes

  • Monitor your energy usage

  • Make adjustments to maximize efficiency and savings.

Don’t miss out on the power and convenience offered by the Shelly Smart Control app!

Platform Compatibility

Designed for seamless integration with platforms like:

  • Alexa

  • Google Home

  • Android

  • iOS devices

The Shelly Smart Control app offers versatility. This means you can enjoy the same level of control and convenience, regardless of which device or operating system you prefer.

With voice commands for setting lights and curtains to specific percentages, managing your smart home has never been easier. Experience the power and versatility of the Shelly Smart Control app today!

Shelly Locations: Where to Find and Purchase Products

If you’re ready to experience the magic of Shelly in your home or business, you’re in for a treat. With availability both online and in physical stores, it’s easy to find and buy the perfect Shelly solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you prefer shopping online or in person, Shelly’s got you covered. Let’s explore the different ways you can find and purchase Shelly products.

Online Retailers

Shopping for Shelly products online is a breeze, with various online retailers carrying their impressive range of smart home solutions. From the convenience of your own home, you can easily browse and purchase Shelly products with just a few clicks.

With online retailers, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of products and the ability to compare prices and features, ensuring you find the perfect Shelly solution for your needs.

Brick-and-Mortar Stores

For those favoring a hands-on shopping experience, select brick-and-mortar stores across the United States also stock Shelly products. To locate a store near you, simply visit the Shelly website and use their store locator tool.

Shopping in person allows customers to see, touch, and learn more about Shelly products before making a purchase, ensuring they find the perfect solutions for their home or business.

Have Questions? Let’s Talk!

While venturing into the world of smart home solutions may seem intimidating, fear not. Shelly is at your side every step of the way. If you have questions about their products or need assistance, their customer support team is ready and eager to provide the answers and guidance you need.

Be it product selection or troubleshooting, you can count on Shelly. Let’s explore the various ways you can get answers to your questions and make the most of your Shelly experience.

Product Selection

Choosing the right Shelly products for your needs can be a breeze with the right guidance. From lighting control to energy management and heating and cooling automation, Shelly offers a wide range of solutions designed to enhance your life and make your home or business truly smart.

To learn more about their product offerings and find the perfect solutions for your needs, check out the “Product Categories” section of this blog post or visit the Shelly website for more information.


If you encounter any issues with your Shelly devices, rest assured that help is just a click or a call away. Shelly offers a variety of resources to help troubleshoot common issues, including a troubleshooting guide, FAQs, and a support forum.

Additionally, you can contact their customer support team by phone, email, or through the Shelly website for personalized assistance. With Shelly’s support resources at your fingertips, you’ll be back on track in no time!

Contacting Customer Support

For personalized assistance with your Shelly devices, their enthusiastic customer support team is always ready to step in. You can contact Shelly’s customer support through various channels, such as:

  • Phone calls

  • Live chat

  • Email

  • Visiting a physical store

The customer support team is trained to provide technical assistance, answer questions, and resolve problems to ensure your satisfaction with Shelly products and services. Don’t hesitate to reach out and get the help you need!


In this blog post, we’ve explored the many exciting aspects of the Shelly website and their wide range of smart home solutions. From residential offerings like smart lighting control, energy management, and heating and cooling automation to commercial and industrial solutions, Shelly has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your home or business, Shelly’s products and services are designed to make your life easier, more efficient, and downright delightful. So, why wait? Dive into the world of Shelly today and experience the magic of a truly smart living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Shelly products made?

Shelly products are proudly made in Sofia, Bulgaria by Allterco Robotics – an experienced and dedicated company part of the larger Allterco holding company.

Experience quality craftsmanship with Shelly today!

How do you control Shelly devices?

Easily control your Shelly devices from the convenience of your smartphone! Connect to your wireless network with the Shelly app for Android or iOS and get full control of all your Shelly devices.

With the Shelly app, you can easily monitor and control your devices from anywhere. You can set up schedules, adjust settings, and even receive notifications when something unexpected happens.

What can I do with Shelly?

Shelly Plus 1 is the perfect tool for controlling appliances, electric circuits and office equipment from anywhere – making all lights smart easily and affordably. Plus, it’s free. Shelly can automate garage doors, gates, covers, blinds and shades with remote control.

Get creative with your smart home ideas and unlock all the possibilities that Shelly has to offer!

What types of products does Shelly offer?

Shelly offers an exciting range of smart home solutions, like smart lighting control, energy management, heating and cooling automation, and commercial/industrial solutions – revolutionizing the way you live!

With Shelly, you can control your home from anywhere, anytime. You can set schedules, monitor energy usage, and even receive notifications when something unexpected happens. Plus, Shelly’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started.

Shelly’s products are designed for Shelly.

How do I access the Shelly website?

Access the Shelly website quickly and easily by using the IP address or visiting home.Shelly.cloud!

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