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What is the capital of haiti?

Updated: July 19, 2024

Haiti, a Caribbean nation with a complex history and vibrant culture, has its capital in Port-au-Prince. This city, situated on the Gulf of Gonâve, is not only the administrative and political center of Haiti but also a hub of economic, cultural, and social activities. Let's delve into various aspects of Port-au-Prince, exploring its significance, history, and unique characteristics.

Where is haiti on the map?

Updated: July 16, 2024

Haiti, a nation rich in history and culture, is located in the Caribbean region. Understanding its geographical position can provide insights into its unique climate, biodiversity, and strategic significance in the Caribbean basin.

Where is haiti located?

Updated: June 28, 2024

Haiti is a Caribbean country situated on the island of Hispaniola. Hispaniola is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago and is shared with the Dominican Republic. Geographically, Haiti occupies the western third of the island, while the Dominican Republic covers the eastern portion. The country spans a total area of approximately 27,750 square kilometers (10,714 square miles).

Where is haiti?

Updated: June 24, 2024

Haiti is a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. It shares the island with the Dominican Republic, which occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island. Haiti is situated in the western part of Hispaniola and covers approximately 27,750 square kilometers (about 10,714 square miles). Its geographical coordinates are approximately 19°0′N latitude and 72°25′W longitude.